Wish Comes From The Place We Were Before We Were Born


Wish comes from the place we were before we were born. 

It comes with us, into this human animal we inhabit, when we are born.

Perhaps, Wish is why we are born.

In this animal, in this lifetime, we embody, enact and realise in the everyday world the work we were born to achieve: to discharge the purpose of our being born.

If this is so, the reason for us taken on a body and living this life, is to realise Wish.


Wish activates intention.
Intention generates decision.
A decision is taken, and is discharged.
Wish keeps us going.


How do I  experience Wish in this world?
1.              Having a life aim. I think this is objective.
2.              A deep yearning. I think this is subjective.
3.              A sense of necessity, both personal and impersonal.


The specific trajectory that Wish points towards is not necessarily revealed to us immediately: before we know our Work in life, we may have a series of jobs.

1.              A deep yearning / a sense of necessity;
2.              indicates a direction;
3.              which may be defined / described;
4.             that moves to intention;
5.              where a decision is taken;
6.             that is discharged in action.


Fortunately, discharging the impulse / promptings of Wish is an entirely practical matter.

Being practical, this may be addressed practically, and therefore practised.

The Decision Exercise is the most important exercise.
Decisions are qualitative: that is, small decisions are as big as big decisions.
Decisions engage Will.

Will is inseparable from Wish.

Robert Fripp
Sunday 26th. March, 2023
Middle England