GC’s 38th Anniversary

Dear Team,

The history of GC is being chronicled and made publicly available with the wish and in the hope that these various reports support our own work, and the work of others who share comparable aims.

 We are also planning to publish a book covering the history of Guitar Craft and the Guitar Circle, and are in the preparatory stages of collecting and collating the material.

Forty years seem to provide a sufficient time and distance for maturing, self-reflecting and recapitulating for us to present impartial personal reports, comments, and observations which are useful to others, as well as ourselves. We are currently thirty-eight years in, so perhaps it is a little premature for me to invite you to send your writings, and photos, to Mariana. 

What is your experience in/of GC that has value, importance, significance in your lives? This may be or a one-paragraph snapshot of a particular event and/or Point Of Seeing, or cover the overall period of participation: My Life In Guitar Craft.

 You are invited!