• An Invitation To The Audience

    When we go to a show, as members of the audience, we assume that the performers on stage are qualified to perform. We assume that the musicians are sufficiently trained, and have enough experience and skill, to make the performance happen. If we reverse the position, from the performer’s viewpoint – is the audience qualified […]

    An Invitation To The Audience
  • God is as close to us as we are to ourselves.The spark within us is a Divine Spark.This Divine Spark is what is highest is us.What is highest in us is not far from what is highest in us all.What is highest in us all is not far from what is Highest. A simple word […]

    A Simple Word For What Is Highest Is God
  • Honesty

    Honesty is a quality.Being honest invites honesty in others. Trust is to be earned.We may assume trustworthiness in another;but trustworthiness is only evidenced by trustworthy actions over time. However, if we are ourselves trustworthy;it provides a model for others with whom we engage. Robert FrippSunday 18th. October, 2020Bredonborough, Middle England

  • Better To Do What Is Right…

    Happiness is balanced by unhappiness, so any attempt to achieve happiness is equally to achieve unhappiness. Better to do what is right, and then we are “happy” whether happy or not. This might yield satisfaction, it might even become joy. Robert FrippThursday 27th. March, 2003Hotel Quite Acceptable, San Francisco

    Better To Do What Is Right…
  • Music So Wishes To Be Heard…

    Joy is a natural response to being alive, and music one way of giving it voice. Yet much of life in the music industry is a pretty joyless affair: exploitation, greed, lying, and theft are pillars of the industrial life. Which shows how much we manage to screw up what is both natural and available. […]

    Music So Wishes To Be Heard…
  • Honour Our Humanity

    There is truly no shame in being a dope. Until we know that we are a dope. Before, we were dopey. Then, we had an excuse. Now we know that we’re dopey, the situation is radically different. Before, the basement was dark. Then, a light went on. Our perception of the known universe changed at […]

    Honour Our Humanity
  • Living Life Differently

    There is a difference between knowing, that Music is always present and available, and realising it. Realising that this is a certainty, upon which we may rely, changes how we approach the practicalities of our musical lives. Since Music is always present, our focus moves to ourselves being present. Our question changes from – How […]

    Living Life Differently