Addressing The Attitude

Functional strategies for resolving conflict are useful, even necessary. They are, however, not quite solutions. What gives rise to conflict? Primarily, the attitude we hold in front of others. So, how to resolve conflict? Drop the attitude/s! Attitudes like: I have the right; I am entitled; I know what’s best; I should be the leader of the group; I deserve more respect than I am getting. These samples before going as far as strongly negative drives; like, putting one over on another; stitching up the competition; badmouthing and criticising; unkindness; lying; maliciousness; greed; theft; ill-will; and the behaviour this raft of horrors give rise to.

Addressing the attitude, rather than the behaviour, is a being approach. This works with normal-abnormals; that is, most of us. It is a quiet strategy at the heart of the Guitar Circle. Addressing behaviour is useful for the clueless, and necessary for the abnormal-normals and abnormal-abnormals; where any strategy for resolution and reconciliation will likely be resisted, even rejected.

Robert Fripp
Friday 11th. February, 2011
Motel Modesto, Bourne End-ish