It is necessary to define the aim positively, clearly, and simply, right at the beginning. This way, if we find ourselves beginning to drift and lose momentum (which is inevitable) we can refer back to the aim and use it as our point of (re)orientation.

So, we must use our intelligence and discrimination when establishing our aim. Is this aim possible for me? Is this aim realistic + 10%? And we need information, from someone who has gone this way before, perhaps an instructor or mentor.

Then, if we commit ourselves to the aim, the commitment must be honoured. There can be no doubts. In The Great Divide, where we are too far from the beginning to go back and too far from the end to go forwards, aim defines the way and commitment keeps us on track.

Then, we present our work for verification. If our work is acknowledged, we move to completion. If our work is insufficient or inadequate, the process unravels.

Robert Fripp
Saturday 18th. October, 2008
Monasterio Nuestra Señora De Los Ángeles / Monjas Dominicas
Sant Cugat, Barcelona, Spain