An Act Of Quality

Q: How can an ordinary person do little things to become extraordinary?
A: An act of quality.

So, how do we perform an act of quality?

An act of of quality conveys intention and presence, and serves necessity. But, in order to change our world, there is a relationship between the amount of quality, which is ungovernable by number, multiplied to a sufficient extent so that the groundswell moves out into the wider culture and has effect.

So, what will it take? We begin with ourselves, with one small act of quality in our lives which moves gradually out to others. And, in some situations, there is a groundswell where an event catches fire.

Have you ever seen a performance with a musician, and you went out an entirely different person to the one that went in? We witnessed an act of quality by the musician who was there to serve music, and serve the audience. They weren’t there to earn a living: they were there because they had to be, and if there was a little money available so they could go home and eat, and pay the rent, and maybe feed the children, wouldn’t that be nice? But, they are there because they had to be.

So, this is an act of quality.

Robert Fripp
Saturday 17th. September, 2022
That Awful Man & His Very Nice Manager Tour 2022
Club Soda, Montreal