An Harmonious Functioning

Q: I would like a suggestion about how to treat women.
A: Treat women, and all people, as you would yourself wish to be treated. Immediately, three elements to consider:

1. Our actual behaviour towards others.
2. What we think of others.
3. How we feel about others.

How we think and how we feel form our attitude towards others. Our attitude is mostly historic and fixed, and gives rise to our behaviour.

If we seek to change our behaviour, we need to change our attitude. However, changing our behaviour, how we act with and towards others, will also affect our attitude. 

This is the Assumption Of Virtue: what are the characteristics of Right Action towards others?

External behaviour – politeness – is by definition external. There is little qualitative change in our nature. A change in attitude is internal: there is a qualitative shift in what-we-are. Politeness, an external form of social interaction, is infused with courtesy – an inward grace. At a certain level, courtesy may become a vehicle for compassion.

How to practice the expression of courtesy?

1. By being present. Little is possible without an active practice. The Morning Sitting is key. In relaxing, we release the hold of Attitude in the musculature.

2. Unless we wish to be different, to be other than we are, nothing is possible.

We strengthen our feeling life. Right Feeling recognises that we are the same person as the Other.

3. Information is needed to re-direct our thinking and inform our practice. We put our head in tune with Right Thinking.

4. Acting Rightly: what are we going to do? Why? How? Will we do it?

It is necessary to allow time for who-we-are, and what-we-are, to come into balance and harmony. After 12-14 years of an active practice, we begin to become free of like and dislike. After 21 years our head, heart, and hands approximate to an harmonious functioning.

Robert Fripp
Sunday 6th. February, 2022
Bredonborough, Middle England