Announcement from Ensamble De Guitarras De Brasil

Just in from the Ensamble De Guitarras De Brasil:

Dear All,

This is an invitation to participate in the upcoming course “The Guitar Orchestra of Brasil II”, which will take place in Porto Alegre, Brasil, from Friday 30th of June to Sunday 9th of July 2023. Our aim is to “Bring GC to the world”.

The project proposes two consecutive residential courses

I. “Introduction to the Guitar Craft Tuning”:
Friday 30th of June to Sunday 3rd of July, 2023.
Aimed at those who wish to participate, even without previous guitar experience.
Guitar Craft Tuning and different techniques of the work of the Guitar Circle will be presented.

II. “The Guitar Orchestra of Brasil II”
Sunday 3rd of July to Monday 9th of July, 2023.
This project is aimed at those who have already taken Guitar Craft /Guitar Circles courses, and wish to work on The Mechanics of Performance, guided by experienced members of GC.

This project includes three public performances, one of them together with the women’s percussionist collective “As Batucas”.

The location will be the Casa de Oração São João da Cruz in Porto Alegre, a house in the city, surrounded by jungle, with space and facilities ideal for our work.
We will provide instruction, accommodation and meals (vegetarian).
The Morning Sitting, Kitchen Work and House work will be a mainstay of the course.
An Alexander Technique teacher will be available to work with participants.

If you are interested to participate in person, At A Distance, or contributing to the course by supporting our work: please send an Application Letter to Horacio Sairafi (, declaring:
Who are you?
Why do you wish to participate?
What is your aim?

We are asking for a contribution of $250 to cover accommodation and meals.

Thank you very much and all the best,
Horacio Sairafi
Registrar Guitar Orchestra of Brasil II