Living Life Differently

There is a difference between knowing, that Music is always present and available, and realising it. Realising that this is a certainty, upon which we may rely, changes how we approach the practicalities of our musical lives. Since Music is always present, our focus moves to ourselves being present.

Our question changes from – How can I find Music? – to How can I find myself? Fortunately, this is a practical question and may be approached practically.

For those who have given their lives, or to what is conventionally referred as “having a life”, in service of an aim or to serving an Ideal, at the completion of their time in service they may find their life has been given back to them.

But it is a different life. It is a beginning, of living life differently. 

Robert Fripp
Saturday 5th. November, 2022
Pawling, New york, USA