Dear Crafty,

In any environment, our weaknesses (actual or perceived) are recognised by those around us, if they have any wit or sentience. In a hostile environment, those looking to feed recognise potential food.

If we maintain our state, recognising our own capacities and process, impartially and without judgement, that is, maintaining neutrality towards what we observe in ourself, the neutrality provides protection; this in several ways, and involving degrees of subtlety that we can’t get into in a short e-mail. Very briefly, neutrality is, to most eyes, a kind of invisibility. It offers no affirming nor denial, so presents no threat towards or infringement upon others.

Self-recrimination etc. is a waste of energy and can also become pleasant and enjoyable, if we allow it to. How to stop it? Drop it as soon as you observe it beginning! You have the right to not indulge in time wasting, self-indulgent flagellation. This also provides an opportunity to observe further automatic, circular, recursive programmes kicking in. When you notice this beginning, declare: I have the right to not go there! and bring part of your attention intentionally outside the loop; for example by deepening sensation within the hand, or foot, within the circuit of the limbs. And observe, impartially and without judgement, that this is all part of the animal you inhabit. This is not who you are; this is part of what you are.

Happy New Year!

Robert Fripp
Friday 28th. December 2007
Hotel Acceptable, Reading, England