Strange And Uncertain Times

How to engage with uncertainty? Certainly, not by doing what we were doing within the constraints of the commercial society: exclusion and inequity; and acting from received opinion.  If there were any time to try something different, this is about as good an opportunity as it gets.

How about – Play! Freely engage creatively with the people, materials, situations at hand, without concern for outcome and results. Responsibility comes with mature creative endeavour, and problem-solving seeks creative outcomes. Like, how to move to an inclusive and equitable society? That’s a wicked problem, and perilous.

In times of peril and calamity, the English seek humour. This is part of what it is to be English (I am half-Welsh, but was brought up in England). Perhaps English humour takes forms that strike good people from other countries (in English-speak, foreigners) as strange, even unusual. How we deal with the unusual? Some are uncomfortable when a fixed-opinion is confronted by non-congruent material. That is, their world-view is threatened.

Robert Fripp
Wednesday 20th. August, 2020
Bredonborough, Middle England