The Creative Future

The creative future is so close to us that, if we stumble when allowing it into our lives by seeking to address the past, we will fail the future. If we accept the creative future, the hold of the past will miraculously lessen of its own accord. We will find ourselves part of an unexpected and unforeseeable unfolding present moment which, through its own process, will address the ‘past’.

Any form of creative living bears with it as much unhappiness as happiness. This is the Law Of The Stick: it has two ends. So, hold both unhappiness and happiness. They are both irrelevant, other than the degree to which they may support our aim.

Holding the contradiction, the ‘friction’ generates ‘heat’. This ‘heat’ fires up the creative life. This is joyful, and painful.

The creative future is flying by on a frequency band well above my ‘hearing’. Nevertheless, I can tell it’s there. The inaudible frequencies in the very high band bring ‘air’ into the high and middle frequencies. But presently there is a level of ‘low noise’ seeking to cancel out the high overtones.

This is unpleasant to experience. Meanwhile, persistence, endurance, and trust in the process.

I have no idea what will happen, other than it will.

Robert Fripp
Thursday 14th. September, 2000
Deepest Dorset, England