The Great Divide

How do we move through The Great Divide? Primarily, our commitment carries us across. Clearly, we have to be present. If we are not present, we are not. If we are not, we have no commitment, no connection to ourselves and our aspiration.

So, we become present and collected, and we reconnect to our aim. When we are present, connected to our aim, and committed to serve it, the future becomes able to reach back and pull us towards it.

Easy words, but an established practice of developing personal presence brings the impossible within reach of the possible. The impossible may be beyond us; but developing a personal practice is possible and readily available.

Robert Fripp
Friday 20th. April, 2012
Foresteria Sorelle Povere di S. Chiara, Monastero S. Maria Delle Grazie
Farnese, Viterbo, Italy