Guitar Circle of Barcelona meeting with ZUM

Església Reformada Presbiteriana, Carrer de Sant Salvador, Barcelona, Spain


A report by Arnaldo.

Acknowledgments to the arrival of ZUM from the team.
Sitting order: Fumi, Luciano, Arnaldo, Shinkuro, Barbara, Alvaro, Sergi, Marco.

We tune and began by working right hand second primary variations presented by Fumi.Then with Shinkuro we worked on left hand, releasing without removing, while using different combinations of the first primary in one position, then applied to a pattern with lateral movement plus open strings.
We continued at 76 bpm, using different figures while applying the anchor in different fingers.

Then, callisthenics working in a musical approach while Shinkuro was passing different patterns to the team in whole tone key.

We had a 15 minutes brake.

The piece Zum from Astor Piazzolla was presented to the team, we worked on it for a bout 45 minutes.

Then the team was asked about the repertoire worked during the time Luciano was on tour. Acknowledgment on the different situation of the team, now with one player less in the circle (Jorge M. left due to personal commitments) and two more that will not attend the activities supporting the NST in Andorra.

We discuss what was possible to perform for the team as support ensemble for upcoming ZUM gigs, and under ZUM guidance we encircle stand up and reviewed: circulation in C symmetrical, VROOM, INTERGALACTIC, ASTURIAS, CALLIOPE, TEOTN, THRAK.

Regarding Shinkuro`s view, the more consistent pieces were, Asturias, Thrak and Calliope. The Head was taken by Shinkuro, then Barbara, Marcos, Sergi, Luciano, Arnaldo, Alvaro, and Fumi. This was the agreed order of the ensemble.

Then without guitars we re-established the chairs in circle order and we touched base about practicalities for the team travelling and accommodations in Andorra; the NST activities and performance on Saturday June 7 in Andorra plus the concert of Zum the Thursday before at Apolo [2] in Barcelona.

Near 12:00 am the meeting was declared completed.