Guitar Craft Level 1, 2 and 2.5

directed by Robert Fripp

Wednesday 16 – Friday 25, March 2005

Baptist Camp & Conference Center, Lebanon, NJ, United States

Arrivals: Wednesday, March 16, early afternoon.
Inaugural Meeting: Wednesday, March 16, in the evening.
Final Meeting: Thursday, March 24, in the evening.
Departures: Friday, March 25, before noon.

L2.5: this Course is for those who have attended at least a L2 Course, have
worked with the principles presented and wish to take it further.

L2: this Course is open to those who have attended a L1 Course and have worked
with/applied the principles presented.

L1: this Course is open to those who have attended at least an Introduction To
GC and are known/recommended.

The Courses will be directed by Robert Fripp, assisted by a staff of
GC Instructors and Assistant Instructors, including Curt Golden, Shinkuro Matsuura, Fumihito Hatano, Luciano Pietrafesa.

Sandra Bain Cushman, assisted by Stephanie Kalka and Kim Cary, will present the Alexander Technique
and Luciano Pietrafesa Tai Chi for beginners.

A team of experienced crafties will run the kitchen and the house work.
Those who see themselves in that team please contact us soon, we’ll send you
the KT participation conditions.

In order to attend you’ll need to write an Application Letter (in
English), please focus on the following 3 questions:

1- Who are you?
2- Why do you wish to attend?
3- What is your Aim?

Please send your Application Letter a.s.a.p. to RF to the GC Seminars Registrar.

Fees: L1, 2 & 2.5 Courses: US$1250

Discount for those flying in from other continents: 26%.

Students from Latin America and Eastern Europe please ask for special terms.