Guitar Craft Level 3 & The League Of Crafty Guitarists Tour

directed by Curt Golden

Thursday 4, September – Friday 14, November 2003

Atlanta, GA, United States

From An Introduction to Guitar Craft:

Level Three is where we test our enthusiasm. Can we apply the quality of our relationship with the guitar to the mundane activities of our life, like cleaning the bathroom and preparing food? So, Kitchen Craft and House Craft are part of Level Three. The longer courses are a way of practising the life of the musician. This tests the vocational aptitude of those who wish to become professional musicians, or for those who expect the musical life to be glamorous. Boredom is frequently the challenge at Level Three.

The size of the group is anticipated at 12-15. Conditions will be tight. Direction for the course will be the responsibility of Curt Golden. Responsibility for all matters of The House, including meal planning and preparation, housework, and other practical work, will be borne by the Group. The course fee is designed to cover room, board and the director for the duration of the course. Personal expenses are the responsibility of each individual. Any extraordinary group expenses will be the responsibility of the Group.

Tuition for this 10-week course is US $3,000. For those traveling from outside North America, discounts are available.

Prerequisites for the course are Guitar Craft Level Two, and the recommendation of a Guitar Craft Instructor or Mentor (or, Founder, for that matter). You will need to be in a position to commit to being “on” the course for the duration of the course. Facility in English will also be necessary.

Please write a Letter of Application, containing answers to the following questions:

Who are you?
What is your Guitar Craft history? Please be fairly detailed with this, especially as it applies to your most recent Guitar Craft courses and Guitar Circle activities.
Which Guitar Craft Instructors or Mentors will recommend you for this course?
What is your aim in attending this course?