Introduction To Guitar Craft

with Curt Golden

Saturday 27, March – Friday 2, April 2004

All Saints Camp and Retreat Center, Raft Island, Gig Harbor, WA, United States

This full-length residential seminar will present the basics of Guitar Craft. It is open to anyone who wishes to attend. No prior experience is required. This course will cover all of the prerequisite skills for participation in Guitar Craft, and is required of anyone who wishes to attend a Level One Guitar Craft Course with Robert Fripp. It is ideal for those wishing to make a beginning in Guitar Craft, as well as anyone with prior experience who feels the need to begin again. The focus will be on fundamental principles in the use of both hands, coordination and the direction of attention. Work is done on steel-string acoustic guitars, using a pick. The Alexander Technique will be presented as an avenue toward developing an intelligent and efficient use of the self, as applied to the skills of the guitar.

The course will be conducted by Curt Golden and others. Curt has long experience in Guitar Craft, going back to 1985. The kitchen will be headed up by an experienced Guitar Craft staff, including members of the Seattle Guitar Circle. Instruction in The Alexander Technique will be an integral part of this course.

The course to be held at a facility near Gig Harbor, WA, which is about 45 minutes south and west of SeaTac International Airport. The facilities for the course are modest but fine.

Tuition: $990. Discounts are available for those traveling from Europe and South America.

To apply for this course, please send a letter and address the following:

Who are you?
What has brought you here? Your interest and experience level.
What is your aim in attending this course?

Be sure to include complete contact information; name, address, email, phone.

Email the Seattle Registrar to apply.