Introduction To The New Standard Tuning

with Martin Schwutke

Friday 28 – Sunday 30, May 2004

Buenos Aires, Argentina

During this weekend the New Standard Tuning will be introduced, and an introduction to basic techniques, commonly used in Guitar Craft, will be given. It is open to anyone, 18 years or older, who wants to attend. Players of all levels are welcome to participate. This Course is required of anyone who wishes to attend a Level One Guitar Craft Course with Robert Fripp (September 2004 in Mendoza, Argentina). It is also recommended for anyone with prior experience in Guitar Craft who feels the need to continue their work, or to reconnect.

The focus will be on fundamental principles in the use of both hands, coordination, and the direction of attention. Work is done on steel-string acoustic guitars, using a pick. Martin Schwutke will direct this weekend Seminar, supported by a few experienced crafties. There will be specific instructions in body awareness, attention, and relaxation techniques.

The Seminar will be held at a facility in Castelar, Buenos Aires Province. The facilities are modest but fine. We will begin on Friday, May 28 with dinner (approx. 19h) and complete on Sunday, May 30 after Tea (appoxr. 18h). In order to participate please send an Application Letter via email, focusing on the following points:

Who are you?
Why do you wish to attend?
What is your Aim in attending?

Fees: 150 Argentine Pesos. This includes all costs for the weekend, except the transportation to and from the place.

For registration and for more information please contact Martin Schwutke.