Level 4 At A Distance

with Hernan Nunez and Martin Schwutke

Friday 16, April 2004 – Thursday 31, March 2005


This AAD is open to those who have the experience of a Level 2 Guitar Craft Course or who have worked on a course in a Guitar Craft Kitchen, and who take the principles presented seriously. The Level 4 AAD offers the unique opportunity to work over an extended period of time, guided by a very experienced Team, in connection with the Level 4 Residential Team in Kiel/Germany.

The material presented and to be worked on includes: Ear Training Elements; Right Practice; Calisthenics; Fretboard Knowledge; Revision of some Primaries; Special Repertoire: B. Bartók; Rhythm Exercises (a systematic approach); Themes, the latter presented and guided by Dr. Mike Grenfell

We are open to respond to necessities of the participants as we go along during the year.

Hernan Nunez and Martin Schwutke will direct this AAD course, assisted by several mentors.

Participation requires the commitment to practice on a regular basis:

  • the Morning Sitting
  • guitar for one hour (or more) per day
  • the exercises and instructions given

In order to participate an Application Letter is requested:

  • Who are you? (please list all GC Courses that you have attended)
  • Why do you wish to participate?
  • What is your Aim?

Fees: EU 100 per month (EU 1,200), or one EU 1,000 payment, special terms for East European and Latin American participants.