New Standard Tuning Day

And, an evening of guitars with the Guitar Circle of Vienna.

Friday 16, May 2008

GCV Appartment, Vienna, Austria


A report by Shinkuro Matsuura.

report by Shinkuro Matsuura


Heike Gasser, Poopak Azimi Nejadi, Richard Tettero, Thomas Gasser, Wolfgang Apfel, Maureen Patricia MacNeill, Bernhard Brigola, Katharina Hammerle, Luciano Pietrafesa, Fumihito Hatano, Shinkuro Matsuura.

It was announced to arrive before 9:00, but none of NST participants show up at 9:00. So we moved to begin at 9:30.

Three new comers (Katharina, Maureen, Bernhard), Vienna Circle members and Zum introduce themselves, saying who they are, what brought them here, and what are their aims.

1. Tuning
Luciano is in charge of the NST today. He leads the circle to introduce NST first. 2 of them are not in NST, so we helped them to tune.

2. Intentional Notes
Luciano leads the circle. The instruction is: Choose any note of your choice. When ready, play it. All intentional notes are melting and mixing and music visited the room. It was short, but very beautiful moment.

3. Circulation
Luciano leads various Circulations. To the left, and to the right, with smiling to right, smiling to left while passing notes to the right, and skipping seats.

4. First Primary
Shinkuro leads the circle. He brings his left hand to seventh position on the third string and plays 1-2-3-4 combination slowly. Everyone follows. He moves to the 4th string, then back and forth. While working on several combinations of left hand, Fumihito and Luciano help correcting hands. At the end of this session, Shinkuro leads the Circle using simple patterns of left hands into a little piece of music.

5. Second Primary
Luciano introduces basics of right hand principle. Shinkuro and Fumihito help correcting right hands as well. I was amazed how some members of Vienna Circle improved. At the end of the session, Luciano leads simple pattern into more musical way.

6. Tai Chi
7. A superb lunch was served by the GCV.

8. Circulation in C-Major with F#, basic forms, left and right. Then basic form left +1 and basic form right +1. Then Fumi presented Thrak to the circle. The new people got struggling with five as usual. On the other hand, Vienna circle members caught this quickly. Thrak segment had completed earlier than I estimated beforehand.

9. Having Fun
Luciano leads the Circle. He shows simple patterns to each one involving the principles. Shinkuro takes over the second half. Arpeggios, Booga looga, Bumping, Thraking.

11. Final Meeting.
At 17:46 NST in Vienna is completed. Very good comments based on today’s experience.

The new comers left and we had dinner with the GCV team.
19.30 A superb Persian meal prepared by Pupak was served for dinner. Then we discussed the activities for the evening. Silence visited at 20.12

21.00 Guitar Circle of Vienna meeting. 9 players in the circle.
After several circulations a piece called Okinawa was presented by Fumi. Then, we played some pieces of the circle’s repertoire and worked on several spots splitting in small groups. The Vienna Team will have several performances during the next weekend and they were also invited to play an acoustic encore with ZUM next Wednesday at Café Einfahrt. We completed at 23.50 hs.