North American Spring Performance Project

with Curt Golden

Friday 26, March – Wednesday 7, April 2004

All Saints Camp and Retreat Center, Raft Island, Gig Harbor, WA, United States

This 2 week Seminar is open to students that have attended at least a Level One Guitar Craft Course, and are recommended by a GC Instructor or Mentor.

All participants will be asked to do Kitchen and House work, and our first challenge will be to host the Introduction to Guitar Craft.

We will work on Calisthenics, fretboard knowledge, extension of musical vocabulary, preparation of Repertoire and rehearsals for several performances around the area. We’ll work in the Circle, big and small ensembles, individual needs will be addressed strongly.

For those who can meet the challenge honorably The League of Crafty Guitarists may take to the road for a 7-10 day west coast tour following the completion of the course; details in the near future.

Curt Golden will direct this Project, assisted by Tony Geballe

This Project offers a unique opportunity to test our enthusiasm in a supportive/challenging environment during 2+ weeks of serious work.

In order to participate an Application Letter is needed:

Who are you? (please list all Courses you have attended)
Why do you wish to attend this Project?
What is your Aim?

Tuition Fee : $1,100. Discounts are available for those traveling from Europe and South America.

Email the Seattle Registrar to apply.