The Guitar Circle Of Europe – AAD (At-A-Distance) Course

Summer 2014 Preparation

Monday 16, June – Friday 1, August 2014


Directed by Hernán Nuñez.
Musical Practice: Mikael Weichbrodt.
Modes, Repertoire, Developing Variations: Martín De Aguirre.
Repertoire, Developing Variations: Horacio Pozzo.
Calisthenics: Martin Schwutke.

This seven week course is recommended as a preparation towards the upcoming BGE Special Writing-Performance-Recording Project to be held in Sievershausen (Germany) in August and the OCG X Project (Argentina) in October, and is also open to those who can’t attend these courses and wish to be in contact with current GCE work, and to keep learning/practicing within Musical Practice, Developing Variations, Repertoire, Fretboard Knowledge (Modes) and Calisthenics.

A requirement to participation is having attended at least one Guitar Craft and/or Guitar Circle course and have taken the principles presented seriously. It offers the opportunity to work over an extended period of time, guided by an experienced Team.

In order to participate an Application Letter is requested:

– Who are you? (please list all GC Courses that you have attended)
– Why do you wish to participate?
– What is your Aim?

Contribution: EUR 450
Argentina: P$900
Latin America and East Europe: ask for special terms if needed.