The Orchestra Of Crafty Guitarists V & Guitar Circle Of Europe

Performance Preparation – AAD (At-A-Distance) Course

Friday 3, February – Friday 6, April 2012


Directed by Hernan Nunez
Repertoire by Martin De Aguirre & experienced GCE members
Calisthenics & Ear Training by Horacio Pozzo
Themes by Dr.Mike Grenfell

This course is being offered as a preparation towards the OCG and GCE performances next April in Italy, and is also open to those who wish to keep learning/practicing and reviewing the current repertoire & calisthenics – ear training exercises regardless of being able to attend the project.

The course is open to those who have at least attended one Guitar Craft and/or Guitar Circle courses, have an established Morning Sitting Practice and have taken the principles presented seriously. It offers the opportunity to work over an extended period of time, guided by an experienced Team.

Dr.Mike informs:

“Themes work for this AAD will focus on the overarching theme of ‘Presence’. This work will look at what we mean by the word and how we experience it. We will consider a range of associated themes, and work on various exercises, which will allow us to explore and develop our presence. As usual, themes will primarily be based on non-guitar work, although we shall be looking to develop a two-way relationship between what we do on the guitar and how we live our lives. Weekly activities and reports will form a core to this work.
More details will be offered once we get going along with an invitation to participate.”

In order to participate an Application Letter is requested

– Who are you? (please list all GC Courses that you have attended)
– Why do you wish to participate?
– What is your Aim?

Contribution: EUR 400
Latin America and East Europe: ask for special terms if needed.