The Orchestra Of Crafty Guitarists V

Special Performance Project

Sunday 15 – Monday 23, April 2012

Farnese, Italy

Directed by Robert Fripp. Assisted by experienced members of Guitar Circles of Europe, North America & Latin America.

Arrivals: Sunday, April 15th, afternoon
Departures: Monday, April 23rd

This Special Project centering on The Orchestra Of Crafty Guitarists is available to those who have:

1. an established morning sitting practice
2. attended at least one Guitar Craft and/or Guitar Circle course directed by RF
3. their application letter accepted

The focus of the course, and one of the primary questions in the work of The Orchestra Of Crafty Guitarists, is this question:

how do we work with others, and specifically in the Guitar Circle?

Robert Fripp & The OCG V feat. The GCE Performance Team (plus guests!) will hold a public performance on Saturday, April 21st, 20:30 hs (8:30 pm) at the Teatro Dell’Oratorio, Piazza della Rocca (Farnese), this event-performance space belongs to the local church community and is located very close to the monastery, a few meters down the road.

Luciano Pietrafesa, will introduce Tai Chi Chuan.

Farnese is 120km away from Roma (and well connected from Roma airport), the Monastery is a remarkable place and we’re privileged to have been accepted there, capacity is limited to 60 people maximum, if you wish to attend please confirm asap in order to reserve your place.

To apply for this course please email your application letter focusing on the following questions:

Who are you?
Why do you wish to attend?
What is your Aim?

If accepted to attend, you’ll receive detailed info about exact location, transportation, what you need to bring, form of payment, and other practicalities.

Fee (including accommodation and all meals): EUR 980
Latin Americans & East Europeans 50% discount
Please ask for special discounts and payment terms if needed.