The Orchestra Of Crafty Guitarists X

Special Performance Project

Monday 13 – Tuesday 21, October 2014

Lunlunta, Mendoza, Argentina

Directed by Robert Fripp.

Arrivals: Monday, October 13th, morning.
Departures: Tuesday, October 21st, morning-noon.

This course is open to those who have at least attended an Introduction To Guitar Circle or Beginners/Level One Guitar Craft course with Robert Fripp, and have worked with and applied the principles presented.

Sandra Bain Cushman (certified AT teacher, USA) will introduce the Alexander Technique, and Luciano Pietrafesa Tai Chi Chuan.

Requirements to attendance:

1. an established morning sitting practice
2. have their application letter accepted

The focus of the course, and one of the primary questions in the work of The Orchestra Of Crafty Guitarists, is this question:
How do we work with others, and specifically in the Guitar Circle?

Work in the House and the Kitchen will be an integral part of the course for all participants.

Robert Fripp & The OCG feat. The GCLA Performance Team will hold a high profile public performance on Sunday October 19th in Mendoza City.

To apply for this course please email your application letter focusing on the following questions:

Who are you? (please list all courses that you have attended)

Why do you wish to attend?
What is your Aim?

Please include your full name and phone number; we will contact you by phone and/or email. If accepted to attend, you’ll receive detailed info about exact location, transportation, what you need to bring, form of payment, and other practicalities.

Argentineans: consult via email
Other countries: EUR 750
(includes accommodation and all meals)