• A Gift Is Unconditional

    Silence is a friend to Guitar Craft, and its visits a precious gift to the courses. This is where the distance between the real world and our everyday world suddenly closes. The real world is as available to us as we are ourselves available; that is, to the extent that we can bear to be…

    A Gift Is Unconditional
  • The Assumption Of Virtue

    At this particular moment in time, let’s go to Shakespeare’s Hamlet. The Assumption Of Virtue: Assume a virtue if you have it not. So, how do we do this, how do we do anything? If we are able, in some way, to present to ourselves the virtue which we wish to represent, embody, or transmit, or…

    The Assumption Of Virtue
  • The Creative Future

    The creative future is so close to us that, if we stumble when allowing it into our lives by seeking to address the past, we will fail the future. If we accept the creative future, the hold of the past will miraculously lessen of its own accord. We will find ourselves part of an unexpected…

    The Creative Future
  • An Harmonious Functioning

    Q: I would like a suggestion about how to treat women.A: Treat women, and all people, as you would yourself wish to be treated. Immediately, three elements to consider: 1. Our actual behaviour towards others.2. What we think of […]

    An Harmonious Functioning
  • What Is The Challenge?

    For those engaged in the flows and flurries of contemporary living: what is the challenge? The challenge is to be present in the maelstrom and the nonsense; respond to its demands where necessary; and not react to its pressures. The word for this is freedom, but […]

    What Is The Challenge?
  • An Act Of Quality

    Q: How can an ordinary person do little things to become extraordinary?A: An act of quality. So, how do we perform an act of quality? An act of of quality conveys intention and presence, and serves necessity. But, in order to change our […]

    An Act Of Quality
  • A Quiet Joy

    One of the privileges and quiet joys of being a working player, going out into the world, is that people, even those we have never met in person, are part of our wider family; all of us having all been touched and brought together by the power which is at […]

    A Quiet Joy