• Music Becomes What It Is 

    When listening shifts to hearing, our attention moves from what we are listening to, to the act of hearing. Our attention is no longer directed towards the music, as an external sensory ‘object’, but towards the act of hearing.  When listening, all we have is the music we are listening to. In hearing, the whole […]

    Music Becomes What It Is 
  • The Gentlest Of Necessities

    We believe we listen to music. How often do we realise that music is listening to us? Music so wishes to be heard that it persists and endures impossible conditions in order to enter our world. But Music, in its nature, is not permitted to shout: music is not allowed to drown out our babbling […]

    The Gentlest Of Necessities
  • An Exterior Architecture

    Dear Crafty, An Exterior Architecture is the pattern of all forms of our functioning:doing, thinking, feeling; manifested personally and in community.It is pretty much what-we-are. This is necessary. This is how we act in life, and how the world sees us. A conventional “Work” formulation is along the lines:In life, externally play a role.Internally, not […]

    An Exterior Architecture
  • Has The World Changed?

    Making a new world. What is a new world? Doing things, taking positive initiatives and actions. That’s for doers. Another way is by changing an attitude: we accept a person we have consistently rejected / not accepted. In this change of attitude, the world has changed. How we think of the world: if we change […]

    Has The World Changed?
  • To Know Right Conduct In All Situations

    At the beginning of lunch, the Kitchen Co-ordinator asked for the nasty, horrid fluorescent lights in the dining room to be switched on. I asked that they be immediately switched off. They were not necessary: daylight with blue sky and sunshine provided more than a sufficiency of light; and they cast a nasty, horrid shine […]

    To Know Right Conduct In All Situations
  • When We Are Who-We-Are

    This has just flown off to an industry person with an interest in a period of my professional life. As usually the case, despair was never far away, and my personal life in disarray. The industry person expressed apologies for asking questions about this; without being aware of the distress involved… One of the features […]

    When We Are Who-We-Are
  • The Orchestra Of Crafty Guitarists

    What is The Orchestra Of Crafty Guitarists? One possible answer: a lot of people making a lot of noise with guitars. Sometimes they even perform in public: as in Sant Cugat, Seattle, Sassoferrato, Funes, and Farnese. Another possible answer: a specialist study in the self-organising properties of complex wholes. How does Intelligence act in […]

    The Orchestra Of Crafty Guitarists